Austin Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapist, Midnfulness guide and Meditation coach

Nicki Simonich,

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy,

Certified Integrative Life Coach


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), and I am certified in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT), trained to work with those diagnosed with Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Auto Immune disease, and Injury recovery. Both trainings were completed through the Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher training program at Sundara Yoga Therapy in Austin, Texas. 


Many years ago, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Communications, focusing on video production. I moved to New York City and began a 20 year career which led to owning my own video production business here in Austin. I have a real understanding of what stress is and, unfortunately, what it does to the body. Over the past few years, life's stresses finally revealed themselves to me in the form of an auto-immune disease, disrupting my energy, mood and digestive system. Though yoga and meditation had been in and out of my life for 25 years, the universe suddenly lined up opportunities for me, to deepen my practice.

It is how I feel now, that reminds me of my love for yoga and its positive effects on my life. I continually use the tools I've learned (and keep learning, as I'll always be a student), and my practice keeps unfolding beautifully.  Overall, it is Yoga that has me more deeply connected to my Self and to Spirit...and has allowed me to enjoy life in a way, that at one time I wasn't quite convinced was possible.  


I am passionate about working with others to share the experience Yoga, as a therapeutic tool, as well as Meditation and Mindfulness as a life practice offers for overall well-being. Guiding my clients through the mind-body connection, and opening their eyes and heart up to a perspective of themselves that is too often misunderstood, is what feeds my soul. I believe these practices are for every BODY, and will always find a way to make the practice work for my clients, no matter the challenge, issue or circumstance. We'll explore a variety of techniques in our sessions, enabling you to continue your practice off the mat and in your everyday life...allowing for the potential of radical shifts to take place. 

Witnessing my clients experience the simple or deep "ah-ha" moments as the life practice of yoga starts to unfold is so fulfilling to me.  


I consider myself more of a coach or a guide. I believe we have exactly what we need within ourselves to find our way. Most often what is needed is a little support and encouragement, and to learn the tools to access and trust our own inner knowing.


As clients connect with their breath, discover peace in their mind and love in their heart... a happier, healthier more balanced life reveals itself. 


My offerings reflect my desire to bring more love and healing to the world, one person at a time.