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Receive loving guidance from your Masters, Teachers and Guides.

A bit about this process: The root word "Akashic'' is Akasha, which is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning sky or space. This is fairly accurate for The Records, as they are extraordinarily vast.  Akashic Records draw upon the universal presence of divine awareness across all space and time. It is often said The Akashic Records is the space of infinite possibilities!

Many believe Akashic record readings are only about past lives, that is not always true. I have found the Masters, Teachers and Guides start with where you are currently in your souls evolution, while taking into consideration the past, present and future.  

Together we will access your Akashic Records (you will be gently guided through this process),  then Nicki will open a dialogue with your Masters Teachers and Guides. In this safe and relaxed space, your Masters, Teachers and Guides will communicate through Nicki to give you guidance per your question(s), goals and/or challenges that you choose to focus on in our session.

It is important to note this is not a psychic reading; the Masters, Teachers and Guides do not predict your future. They will offer guidance based on where you are at currently in your souls journey. You always have free will to make your own choices. It is helpful to remember your Masters, Teachers, and Guides will offer their wisdom to guide you towards the highest and brightest path for your soul to shine in its fullest expression!

A little about Nicki on this path:

Nicki has always been extremely intuitive, though its taken years of questioning and doubting herself to more fully align with her gifts of Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and Clairvoyance. She is excited to be sharing these experiences to bring more clarity and support to her clients as they move through life's ups, downs and transitions.  It is her heartfelt intention to bring forth relevant information and guidance to aid in her clients growth; always moving towards the best, brightest and highest version of themselves. 

** Sessions are typically over zoom, in-person is an option too.

Have Questions or Ready to Book Your Session: Click HERE

Client Testimonial:

"This woman is amazing in her work I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers or is feeling lost in your life.  I was feeling very emotional and touched and I was in tears after our time together. She clarified a lot for me and I felt i had a path to follow once again with purpose and joy. During our session I really did feel like my spirit guides had touched me and were really there helping me along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to get another session with Nicki, it is well worth the time and money" James Hilliard

"Words do not truly describe the way I feel after our session! It is like I was fractured with all of me being pulled apart in different directions; I was struggling to hold all of me together. Life was fragmenting me through lessons of relationships with my family and myself, trying to discover my direction and purpose in life, and searching for the truth. Although I have been doing lots of internal conscious healing, I just couldn’t quite pull it all together.  The messages, symbols and insights that you received, and shared with me in our session, along with your natural soul wisdom and practical steps for me to follow has brought all the fractured parts of me back into my center, back into my heart. Now as I walk in my life I felt a deep sense of peace, and a true sense of self. This is something that I have been chasing for a long time but has been eluding me. Thank you dear one you are a true gift."

Katrina Young

Quoted from various clients when asked to describe their experience:

            ** Amazing and very informative**.

            **It helped me see into parts of my mind that I was blocking.**

            ** It was great! I felt very comfortable. A lot of the stuff that you talked about hit home. It was eye                    opening and confirmed that I’m where I’m supposed to be.**

            ** Deep Insight, confirming and very clarifying. Brought tears to my eyes giving me new                                    perspective **

            **Very eye opening and extremely positive**

            ** It inspired me to open a new chapter in my life"*

            **It gave me clarity and reassurance I was on the right track, with practical advice on how to                              implement changes in my daily life.  I feel more at peace now with the direction that I’m headed.**

            ** Emotional, encouraging and filled with information that resonated**

            **  I feel absolutely satisfied with the information that was given, I was also set up for success and                    was given tips to process it all.**

            ** I felt supported, empowered and re-assured**

           ** An amazing experience, that was quite emotional and spiritual**

           **I feel inspired and empowered to tackle the next step in my life journey.**

           ** They offered me very practical, concrete tools to support me**

           ** Nicki is amazing, she explained clearly what to expect and I felt very comfortable with her                             throughout the entire process**

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