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Austin Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapist, Midnfulness guide and Meditation coach

Nicki Simonich is an intuitive, conscious space holder. She mindfully guides her clients through the layers of healing to live a more empowered and authentic life using her unique skills as an Integrative Life Coach and a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy and Meditation teacher. Her personal experiences as a professional career woman climbing the stressful corporate ladder in NYC, battling the symptoms of an auto-immune disease, and healing her own childhood traumas enhance her unwavering ability to meet clients where they are at. She is walking the walk not just talking the talk. Nicki specializes in working with people who are challenged with anxiety, chronic pain, chronic stress, aging gracefully and life transitions.  Whether your intention is to stretch, strengthen or find balance in your physical body, find peace & calm in your mental body, soothe & heal your emotional body or connect more deeply to your spiritual and energetic body…she excels at customizing sessions for your specific needs.

Nicki is a compassionate, kind, and wise healer who brings a sense of calm to any situation. She holds a relaxed and safe space to show up fully to feel, honor, and release all that no longer serves you. She explains complex concepts simply and is a source of wisdom & support making her offerings accessible to all. Through the journey of learning to quiet the mind, calm the nervous system and open the heart, her clients reunite with themselves, their unique beauty and their inner peace. 

Life can be very stressful and often traumatic, leaving us disconnected from our truth. It is not unusual to fall into unhealthy patterns, labels and learned behaviors, often spiraling into a constant state of survival. It is only through mindfully peeling the layers and developing a deeper connection with self (body, mind, and spirit) that we can show up more fully with and for others. Unfortunately, in our society we have learned to put ourselves last, repeatedly. It is now time to fill your own cup and give from the overflow. Not only will you benefit, but so will your loved ones and community!

Join a group yoga or meditation class, a private 1:1 session, a woman’s circle, or other workshops & retreats (online or in-person) … where you will be held in a safe space, while being seen and heard without judgement. Now is your time to be held with loving kindness as you journey back to your brilliant, wise and unique Self.  As a client you will connect with your breath, discover peace in your mind and love in your heart... and a happier, healthier, more balanced life will reveal itself. It is Nicki’s heartfelt intention to help reclaim peace and love within ourselves, each-other and the world!


E-RYT200, Integrative Yoga Therapy

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

Advanced Yoga Therapy for Anxiety & PTSD

Yin Yoga

Integrative Life Coach

Sistership Circle Facilitator

Reiki Level 1

Sacred Awakenings, Akashic Records Practitioner

Sound Therapy (in process)

Bachelor's degree in Communications, minor in Psychology

Eastern Connecticut State University


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