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Gentle Yoga and Meditation

*** June 16, 2020 Class is Canceled !!

This Class, is LIVE Online at 11:30am CST on Wednesdays via Zoom, until further notice. Register for Class HERE (atleast one hour prior to class start time), you will receive an email with a separate link to actually join the Zoom "meeting" aka Yoga Class! 

Each class costs $10, please send payment via:

Venmo to:  @Nicki-Simonich


Paypal to: (click friends and family)

If you are unable to pay at this time, I understand as things may be hard right now, I'm sorry for your financial distress.  We're on the honor system, if you are able to, it is appreciated.

This is a slow paced, all levels, floor based class, intended to ground you into the present moment, and let go of what is not serving you. Lots of gentle or deep stretching (depending what you crave) combined with some flowing movements, long holds and mindful breathing. We will move the joints and reconnect with our bodies. This is the perfect practice to slow down, and come home to your-self.  We will begin and end our practice with seated meditation. Having some pillows and blankets nearby may come in handy.

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