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Accessible Yoga 

This class, Accessible Yoga, is LIVE Online Tuesdays at 10:30am CST via Zoom. Register for Class HERE (atleast one hour prior to class start time), you will receive an email with a separate link to actually join the Zoom "meeting" aka Yoga Class! 

Class Costs $10, if you can't pay, its ok (I understand things are hard right now), pay what you can or don't, we're on the honor system, if you can please send  

payment via

Venmo to:  @Nicki-Simonich


Paypal to: (click friends and family)

This class is perfect for anybody who is looking for a very gentle way to connect with and heal the body. We use a chair as our main prop, allowing for more accessibility to to our body in a safe way. Whether you consider yourself old, over weight,  extremely inflexible,  recovering from injury, have anxiety, or just haven't physically done anything for years...we welcome you with open arms.  This class is accessible & adaptable to all,  it is not like any other yoga class you've ever been too.  If you are a senior looking to continue to age gracefully, if are recovering from injury, or just not comfortable sitting on the floor....please try this class. We move mindfully and honor each of our unique bodies, limitations and goals, while still experiencing the benefits and effectiveness in body, mind and spirit. It is a small fun group, and we would love to have you join us. Challenges offered for those looking for more intensity.

Please email me directly so we can chat further about joining us. 

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