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Online Live Group Classes 
EVERY WEEK, until further notice:

             *Accessible Yoga,  TUESDAYS 10:30am CST-Details& Registration

            *Mindful Vinyasa Flow, TUESDAYS 4:30pm CST-Details & Registration


            *Gentle Yoga and Meditation, Wednesdays- 11:30am CST- Details& Registration


            *Yoga Nidra; Guided meditation & relaxation, Thurs. 8:00pm CST-Details& Registration 

            *Mindful Vinyasa Flow, Fridays- 10:30am CST- Details& Registration 

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy & Integrative Life Coaching Private Sessions available, with a specialized focused on stress and anxiety available via Zoom; Please email me for details and to schedule!

Just a couple spots available.

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